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breeding dogs
Breeding Dogs and Selling Puppies Profitably...                                                 when to breed a dog

"How to
Breed Dogs,

Raise & Sell Healthy Puppies"
-Complete Illustrated Step-by-Step
Instructions with Videos! 


when to breed a dog

how to breed a dog

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when to breed a dog



From: Jenny Moore, 
Exactly How to Breed Dogs Successfully!

Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

You're about to learn exactly how to Breed Dogs Successfully AND Profitably, but first, I want to explain why it's important to me that you are both a successful dog breeder AND profitable at it...


I believe that when your dogs are profitable for you, then you will take excellent care of them.  That's all there is to it.  I want you to take excellent care of your dogs.  That's my motivation.

Now you may already take excellent care of your dogs, BUT the reality is that few people in this economy can really afford to take care of their dogs as well as they'd really like to.  You're going to be able to treat your dogs like royalty and give them the best of everything.

dog breeding

On the other hand, you and I both know that there are people out there that breed dogs and treat them horribly.  For those people, I'm on a mission to educate them about how much better and easier it is for them and their dogs, if they treat them right.  The better they treat their dogs, the more profitable they will be.  If money is what motivates them, so be it.  Either way, the dogs win. 


Everyday there are over 8,400 people in the world that decide to breed their dog.  One website lists over 100,000 dog breeders in the United States alone.  Over 96.3% of those dog breeders surveyed lose money, puppies and even their adult dogs.  The #1 reason for this is a lack of education about how to breed the dogs correctly and take care of the puppies properly.  They end up with costly vet bills, dogs who don't get pregnant, aborted litters, losing puppies after delivery, and worse...


In addition to all this heartache and grief, they don't know how to market and sell their puppies when the time is right.  This ends in a recipe for disaster. 


Of the other 4% that ARE profitable, most of these are the awful "puppy mills" that mistreat their dogs AND consider losing puppies and adult dogs as just part of the "cost of doing business", so they cut costs in other areas, like food and basic care.  But,...


...Over 98.7% of the People I Mentor
Successful AND Profitable.


AND, they do it with proper education and by taking EXCELLENT care of their dogs.  That means you're going to be in the top 4% that are successful AND profitable because you're going to receive thorough training on how to do every single step properly.  It just doesn’t make sense to take unnecessary risks with your beloved dogs or to do it half way. 

You owe it to your dogs and to yourself to learn how to be the best dog breeder you can possibly be, so keep reading.  You are going to produce better quality, healthier puppies and avoid the mistakes and problems that even most "seasoned" dog breeders experience. 


Let me explain HOW I'm going to help you be successful AND profitable...


I've created a comprehensive course that is going to show you, with full color illustrated information and videos, exactly how to breed and care for your dogs in the most successful and healthiest way possible. 

You're going to get detailed step-by-step instructions with videos on how to do EVERYTHING related to breeding dogs, raising puppies and selling them for top dollar. 


"The Videos Are So Helpful, I Watch Them Over and Over..."
"I'm so glad I found your course.  The videos are so helpful.  I watch them over and over to make sure I am doing everything correctly.  Everything is going great!  I kept a puppy from my first litter.  My second litter is due next week.  I'm not nervous anymore thanks to what I've learned from your course."   

Michelle Mackay
-Woodbine, New South Wales  Australia

Puppy Breeding information


I'm also going to give you for Free, the software I use so that you can easily keep track of all your breeding records and medical records for each dog.  You'll be so organized, you'll have plenty of time to play with your puppies!


You're also going to get my software that generates beautiful full color custom pedigrees at the push of a button.  This really impresses both your friends and your new puppy owners.  


"I Love Adding the Dog's Pictures to the Pedigrees..."
how to breed Pomeranians
"I have so much fun with the pedigree software!  It is so easy to use.  I love adding the dogs' pictures to the pedigrees.  Everyone is so impressed when they see them.  Thanks for giving this away for free! I love it!"

Christine Royal
-Walnut, California  United States


I'm giving you all my recipes to make homemade treats for your dogs, to make all natural "green" shampoos and all sorts of doggie related recipes. 


These fun things are great for your own dogs, but even more fun to give in gift baskets to thrill and impress your puppy buyers.    Just when they think they couldn't possible be more excited, you hand them a gorgeous gift basket for their new baby!  It's really satisfying and fulfilling to make your new puppy families so happy!


AND, If that wasn't enough, I've included tons of video links to demonstrate exactly how to do everything from successfully mating the dogs, to how puppies are born so you know exactly what to expect and what to do every step of the way.


Here's Just a Small Sample of the Videos You Will be Watching:

  • Dogs Mating Naturally with a Resulting "Tie" to Ensure Pregnancy

  • How to Assist Smaller Dogs with the Mating Process If Needed

  • Puppies Being Born Showing You Exactly What to Do, If Anything

  • How, What and When You Should Bottle Feed a Puppy

  • Simple Method to Give a Puppy Vaccination Quickly and Painlessly

  • The Current Popularity of Designer Dogs and MUCH MORE!


It's Finally REVEALED...
Now You Too Can Have the Secrets!


What Took Me Years and Years of Learning the Hard Way... You Can Get Your Hands On Right Now... In the Next 5 Minutes!


Introducing My New Online Breeding Dogs Course...



"Breeder Secrets" 




You're Getting the Most Complete
Breeding Dogs Course that You Will Find Anywhere!

"This Has Been Needed for a Long Time..."
"As a veterinarian, I've seen a lot of people make a lot of costly and tragic mistakes in trying to breed their dogs. This has been needed for a long time.  Now, I can recommend your course to my clients and feel confident that they will be well guided.  You've done a great job and covered everything imaginable."

Dr. Nicholas 
-Bluffton, Alberta  Canada

Learn How to Breed Dogs

So Who the Heck Am I, and
Why Should You Listen To Me?


My name is Jennie Moore and for 25 plus years now, I've been the "go to" person in the dog industry that the other breeders call when they have a question or a problem.  You could say I'm the "Expert of the Experts" when it comes to Breeding Dogs and care. 


In addition to being an expert dog breeder, my professional Marketing Executive husband has taught me so much over the years, that I couldn't have been so amazingly successful without his incredible genius.  He has been my secret weapon.


It doesn't do any good to have great puppies, if you have trouble selling them.  I've always been able to get far more money for my puppies than anyone else and I always have a long waiting list for them. 


"We Sold Our First Two Puppies Today..."

"Jenny, we just sold our first two puppies today and we are so thrilled!  It's all as easy as you said.  We loved the puppies as much as the smiles on the faces of the new owners!  Thanks Jenny!  You're a doll!"

Bill and Shelly Jackman
-Longwarry, Victoria  Australia


But all this started many years ago through a series of unplanned circumstances...

Our family dog, Maggie, was a beautiful purebred that we absolutely loved.  We decided we wanted a puppy out of her, but we had no idea how to go about breeding her. 


We tried to do some research about it, but there wasn't much info available.  We talked to some dog breeders we found in the newspaper, but they wouldn't help us at all and were very negative and discouraging. 


"I Didn't Know There's An Exact Day to Breed My Female..."
"No wonder I couldn't get my dog pregnant!  I didn't know there's an exact day to breed my female that she is most likely to conceive.  I was over a week off on my timing before!  Now, I'll let the puppy picture speak a thousand words for me.  Just wanted to say thank you!

Dave Bruner
-Derby, Derbyshire  United Kingdom
litter of labrador puppies


One day, I mentioned it to my friend at work.  It turned out that her elderly aunt was a long time dog breeder.  My friend called her aunt right then and set up a time for us to meet with her.  She was the nicest lady!   She taught us a lot and helped us through the entire process. 


Before we knew it, Maggie was the proud mother of nine fat, darling puppies!  We thoroughly enjoyed raising those puppies and the whole family got involved. 


We gave one puppy to the owner of the male dog for his "services" as was our agreement.  We fell in love with two of the females and absolutely could not part with them, so they joined our family.


"Your Course Is One of the Most Beginner Friendly..."
How to Breed Dogs and Puppies
"Hello Jenny, I too am a long time breeder.  I have bred German Shepherds for the past 32 years.  I think your course is one of the most "beginner friendly" and informative single sources I have ever seen on Breeding Dogs.  You should be very proud of your accomplishment in your detailed, thorough, well written program on breeding dogs!"

Jackie Hodson
-San Diego, California  United States


That left us with six puppies which we sold way back then for only $350.00 each.  This was over 25 years ago, and it doesn't seem like much now, but back then, $350.00 was more money than I brought home every two weeks after paying the babysitter.  We thought we were rich! 


Maggie Made More Money Than
I Brought Home Every 3 Months!


Although it was never our intention to breed Maggie to make money, It didn't take me long to figure out that Maggie's puppies brought in what took me three months to earn. 


When the two girls we kept were old enough to breed, it didn't make sense for me to work anymore when I could stay home with my kids and my dogs.  It was a win/win for all of us, dogs included!  This is how I became involved in breeding dogs "full time". 


My husband got involved in selling the second litter because he was the professional marketing executive and realized all the same principles could be applied to selling puppies.  We ended up selling the next litter for $600.00 each and they actually sold even faster! 


"The Whole Litter is Already Sold at Two Weeks Old..."
"I used your simple plans to make our whelping box.  Our dog Mercedes loves it.  We also used your ideas to sell the litter for double what we got last time, and the whole litter of nine puppies is already sold at two weeks old. Your information is invaluable" Breeding Dogs Dogs Tips and Guide
Chris Cargill         -Lake Taupo, New Zealand


My husband continued over the years always testing and tweaking marketing ideas and methods.  You wouldn't believe some of the crazy things that worked.  We also learned a lot about what doesn't work.  He has become a Marketing GENIUS when it comes to selling puppies!


Thanks to my husband's ingenious marketing techniques and the excellent quality of puppies that our dogs produce, today, our puppies are among the most sought after dogs in the world.  We always have a long waiting list of people anxious to get one of our very expensive pups. 


Today, Our Puppies Are Among the
Most Sought After Dogs in the World.


We made a lot of mistakes along the way that I don't want you to repeat.  There are a lot of people breeding dogs that don't know what they are doing, just like we didn't. 


Even most Veterinarians know very little about breeding dogs, because they don't do it.  They only know what they read in books.  They can only tell you so much. 


"All I Wanted Was to Find a Female to Breed to My Male..."

"When I started out, all I wanted was to find a female to breed to my dog, Blue, so I could keep a puppy.  Your course is so thorough that you made me look like a pro with Blue's first breeding.  Now he's gotten quite popular with the ladies and truly is a Pro!" 

Chris Navarone
-Colorado Springs, Colorado  United States


You need help from someone who's been breeding dogs day in and day out for many, many years.  Not only that, it has to be someone who's successful at it!  Until now, no one has been willing to help the "newbies" get started. 


I decided to change all that, so I created the most comprehensive, complete program that exists on How to Breed Dogs Successfully AND Profitably and you can get started right now.



There's one other thing I should mention in light of the current Worldwide financial crisis.  There is no recession in the Breeding Dogs world.  I don't want you to worry that you will have unwanted puppies.


No matter what, there are always people who have money and are willing to pay top dollar for a good quality puppy and they will travel amazing distances to get it without thinking twice about it! 



"I Always Wanted to Raise Puppies..."
"I always loved dogs and wanted to raise puppies, but no one would teach me how and I wanted to do it right.  I really am grateful for your course.  You saved me from making a lot of mistakes.  My son loves helping with the pups too as you can see."

Tan Kim Siong
-Shah Alam, Selangor  Malaysia

Breeding Dogs Guide



If you're an experienced dog breeder, you can learn how to easily get double the price for your puppies the next time you have a litter.  In addition, you can learn how to get the maximum number of puppies possible in each litter.  How much is that worth to you?


All this is easy IF you know what you are doing.  There are three very critical components to being a highly profitable and successful dog breeder.  They are:

  1. You Have to Breed and Care for the Dogs Correctly- This ensures that you have large litters of fat, healthy, high quality puppies to sell.

  2. You Have to Keep Costs to a Minimum-  This is where most breeders make the biggest mistakes by wasting enormous amounts of money on worthless things that don't benefit them Or their dogs. 

  3. You Have to Know How to Sell the Puppies Fast and for Very High Prices-  It doesn't do any good to have great puppies that you have trouble selling.  I'm going to teach you how to sell the pups as soon as they are born, for top dollar, and how to have a waiting list for more.


If You Miss Any One of These Three Critical
Components, You'll Fail as a Dog Breeder!


Unfortunately, most dog breeders miss ALL THREE of these highly important aspects of being a successful dog breeder.  It is critical that you understand and implement all three of these components to be successful and profitable.  To prove it, I'd like you to do a little test for me...


"Everything Went Right This Time..."
"Jenny, we had a very bad experience with the costs involved in raising our first litter of puppies.  While completing your course, we realized we did just about everything wrong.  Your course with the videos gave us the confidence to try it again.  Everything went right this time.  Thank you very much."

Tyler and Amanda Shaw
-Aldergrove, British Columbia  Canada


I highly encourage you to call up any good breeder in your area and, when the time is right, politely ask them how much profit they make on each litter.  Without a doubt, they will always say they lose money.  Then they'll tell you they breed dogs because they love them and/or it's just an expensive hobby for them. 


This is the sad reality for almost all dog breeders.  This is because most of them are missing major parts of information for all three components I mentioned.  They don't know how to properly breed or care for their dogs and they end up losing puppies or nursing to health weak, sickly puppies. 


Then they spend tons of money at the vet because they don't know how simple and inexpensive it is to do all the medical care yourself.  It literally costs less than a cheap breakfast for all the routine vaccinations and de-worming that each puppy needs.  


"I've Learned a Lot of New Money Saving Nuggets..."
"Hi Jenny, I've bred cockers for a long time and I thought I knew it all, but I've learned a lot of new money saving nuggets and lots of new tricks from your professional course.  Thank you for saving me money and teaching me many things I didn't know. 

Kelly Rivers
-Donagh, Fermanagh  Ireland

How to Breed male stud Dogs and Puppies


Next, they spend huge amounts of money on dog food because they have no idea how breeders can get top quality dog food delivered to their door for Free. 


Then the final tragic mistake they make is when they under value their puppies and have no idea how to market them properly.  They advertise, yes, but advertising and marketing are completely different things.  You need to understand the difference. 


Advertising tells people you have puppies for sale.  Marketing actually sells the puppies for you before the people even see them.  You're going to do both. 

You Can't Afford Not to


Now you see why almost all "good" dog breeders are very unprofitable.  You're about to learn exactly what you need to know to be highly successful at all three critically important components.

You might have noticed that I said almost all the "good" dog breeders are unprofitable.  I can't neglect to mention the horrible puppy mill type breeders, because unfortunately, these people ARE profitable. 


If they weren't making a good profit, they wouldn't be breeding dogs.  These people don't have any love or regard for dogs at all.  If they did love dogs, they would never treat them the way they do.  For that reason, you can be assured that they are making a very good profit.  They aren't doing it "for the love of the dogs". 


Unfortunately, they are making a profit in a way that is very detrimental to the poor dogs.  This is out of pure ignorance, because there is no reason for it.  They could actually make a lot more profit if they took better care of their dogs.  Healthy, happy adult dogs, make healthy, happy puppies.  


Instead, they make their profits by cranking out litter after litter of poor quality, sickly puppies.  They neglect basic medical care and give them cheap crap for food.  You've seen the stories on the news.  It's heartbreaking how they treat those poor dogs.  


Since the puppies are sickly and poorly adjusted to humans, they sell them in bulk to pet shops for little money.  They need a lot of them to make a good profit.  I get sick just thinking about it. 


"Misty Loves Being a Mother..."
How to Breed Puppies
"Our Yorkie, Misty loves being a mother.  We had no idea how much she was going to enjoy her puppies.  She loves all the attention she is getting. Your program has helped us to know exactly how to care for the puppies so all five pups are very healthy. Thanks a million!"

Rita Valencia
-Elko, Nevada  United States


If I could stop just ONE of those puppy mills by educating them, then it's all worth it.  They are obviously driven only by profit, so if that's the way to reach them, I'll do what it takes. 


They can make so much more money by taking excellent care of their dogs.  It just takes a little knowledge.  Knowledge is power.  I'm on a mission to educate the Breeding Dogs world.  The dogs deserve it. 


If you ask a profitable, successful dog breeder to teach you how to properly breed dogs, they won't tell you.  Instead, they will tell you all the reasons why you shouldn't do it, how difficult it is, how expensive it is, how risky it is.  How you have to show your dogs and only breed champions, study the pedigrees, do extensive testing... The list goes on and on.   


They will do everything they can to discourage you and none of them will help you.  If you don't believe me, call one of them up and ask them to teach you how to breed your dog.  It makes me so angry!  That's why I put this program together for you.  You deserve to know how to do ALL of it right, if you're willing to learn. 


"We Would Have Missed the Delivery..."
Breeding Dogs "My husband and I were about to go out to dinner when I remembered your trick for knowing within 4 hours of when our dog was going to deliver.  I checked her, and sure enough, our dinner plans were canceled and we ordered pizza and delivered puppies instead!  If it hadn't been for your info, we would have missed the delivery.  We are so glad we found you."
Sharry and Bill Cox    -Pretoria, Gauteng  South Africa


These breeders who claim to love dogs so much, don't care about the fact that if they won't help you and teach you, then your dogs will suffer for it.  This is not someone who truly cares about dogs!  I want to help you because I care that your dogs are taken care of in the best way humanly possible.  They deserve it! 


I feel that when someone is willing to learn how to do it right, then breeders ought to do everything they can to help them and teach them.  Often, since no one helped these breeders get started, they don't know what they are doing either.  It's all a vicious cycle that has to stop for the sake of the poor dogs!    


Then of course, there's the fact that almost all of them don't know the three critical components to being successful AND profitable.  They might know one, or even two of the components fairly well, but you've got to know all three if you're going to be successful and profitable.  


You Will Not Miss ANY of The Three Highly Critical
Components that are Necessary for Your Success



"Every Breeder, New or Experienced, Needs to Know This..."
"I've been a schnauzer breeder for many years and I'm always trying to learn more. This is the best and most thorough program I've ever seen.  I learned so many things from you that I don't know which is the most valuable.  We now sell our puppies for MORE than double what we sold them for before, and our costs are about 15% of what they used to be.  I wish I had this when I got started.  Every breeder, new or experienced, needs to know this information."
Breeding Dogs


Myrna Kennedy      -Las Vegas, Nevada  United States


You're going to breed the healthiest, happiest, best quality puppies possible while keeping your costs down to nearly zero!  You're going to breed puppies the right way, like I wish everyone would to it. 


If you don't know what you're doing, it's your dogs that suffer from your ignorance.  I can't keep letting this go on.  People can't keep breeding dogs with no help or guidance at all.  I'm about to end this vicious cycle right now!


You WILL Breed Top Quality Puppies
and Get Top Dollar for Them, I Promise!!



I'm sure you know that you'll sell your puppies for anywhere from $500 to $2500 or more each.  Multiply that times a litter of six, eight or even ten puppies!  You're going to know how to keep your expenses to a bare minimum.  Your average "cost" per puppy is going to be less than $30.00 for all food, worming, vaccinations and all medical costs involved, regardless of the breed. 


"Every Question I Had Was Answered..."
"Jenny!  I am completely amazed at how thorough and comprehensive your program is.  Every question I had was answered.  Thank you so much for being so open and willing to teach people how to breed dogs correctly!  Love ya Jenny!"

Shelly Robertson 
-Purdy, Missouri  USA


I'm confident that you are overpaying for all of the care and feeding of your dogs, even if you don't breed them.  You're about to change all that.  I guarantee you are going to drastically reduce the everyday cost of caring for your dogs. 


If You Rescue Dogs, You MUST Get This
Now So You Can Rescue MORE Dogs! 


Almost every pet rescuer cares for puppies at some time.  You're going to be able to raise those puppies the right way and lower your costs at the same time so that you can rescue more puppies and adult dogs.


The more money you save, the more dogs you can afford to rescue and help.  You MUST get this program now so that you can help more dogs. 


Here's Just a Small Piece of What You're Going to  Learn Inside Your Complete "Breeder Secrets" Program:


Exactly How to Get Started Breeding Dogs -Page 13


How to Get Your Next Purebred Dog for FREE -Page 25


How to Know If You Need to Have Your Own Male -Page 36


When is the Ideal Breeding Age for Males and Females -Page 15


How to Stud Out Your Male Dog the Right Way -Page 18


How to Find the Perfect Mate for Your Dog -Page 20


How to Induce a Heat Cycle So You Can Start Right Now -Page 43


How to Know When a Female Dog is in Heat -Page 22

"I Was Scared to Death Until I Found Your Course..."
"After 2 years of trying to breed my Portuguese Water Dog, she finally got pregnant.  Now I realize what the breeder was doing wrong.  Anyway, once she was pregnant, I realized I knew nothing about what to do next.  I was scared to death until I found your course.  I can't believe how you covered every one of my fears.  I feel very confident now that I'm doing the best I can for Portia and her new puppies.  Thank you for providing this for all us "newbies"!

Anne Averil  -Cheltenham, Gloucestershire  U.K.



Start Learning Right Now!




How Long Female Dogs Will Stay in Heat

bullet What Day in the Heat Cycle is Ideal for Breeding
bullet What to Do to Ensure the Most Puppies Per Litter -Page 24


The Secret to Encourage Dogs to Mate on Their Own -Page 28


How to Improve Your Stud Dog's Performance


How to Know if Your Female is Pregnant -Page 30


Plans to Build a Simple Whelping Box -Page 58


How Long After Breeding Until the Puppies Are Born -Page 35


How to Care for Your Pregnant Female -Page 32

bullet Secret to Know the EXACT Day the Puppies Will Be Born -Page 63


"There's Always a High Demand for Puppies..."
How to Breed Puppies
"Jenny, I'm please to say that regardless of the economy, I am finding that there's always a high demand for puppies here.  Your ideas have helped me to be able to market my puppies all over the country, no matter the distance.  Thank you for your patience in answering all of my emails.  I appreciate it."


Aaron Davis      -Indiranagar Bangalore, Karnataka  India

Get It Right Now!

bullet Exactly What to Do When Your Female is Delivering Pups

bullet How to Know When Your Dog is Finished Having Puppies
bullet How to Care for Your Newborn Puppies!

bullet How to Get Dewclaws and Tails Docked at No Cost -Page 73    

How to Pre-Sell All Your Puppies Before Birth -Page 111


"This Has Given Me a New Lease on Life..."
"Jenny, I've struggled with health problems that had made me unable to work for years.  My dogs became my whole world while I was housebound.  I wanted to breed them, but I didn't know where to begin and I was afraid of doing something wrong.  Thanks to you, my life has completely changed.  I love all the new friends I've made with my puppy buyers.  This has given me a new lease on life! "

Adam Lambert 
Peabody, Massachusetts  United States




How to Use Trends and Fads to Increase Your Profits -Page 17

bullet How to Get Professional Discounts at the Veterinarian -Page 102
bullet How to Get Top Quality Dog Food for FREE! -Page 39

bullet Net the Most Amount of Profit Possible for Your Pups -Page 105

Click Here to Get It Now


Have Your Customers "Sold" Before They Even Arrive -Page 110


The Most Common Mistakes Made by Amateur Breeders -Page 16



Enjoying the Tax Benefits of Having a Home Business -Page 20



"I Got My New Puppy for Nothing..."
How to Breed Dogs
"Jenny, I did exactly what you said.  I found a great breeder who gave me my new puppy for nothing.  I never would have thought to do something so ingenious to get started, as what your courses says to do.  It makes so much sense though and it works!  Thank you."

Cheryl Keyes       -Moorabbin, Victoria  Australia






Make a Quick "Mini Septic Tank" for Waste Disposal -Page 23



How to Get Champion Stud Service Without Paying For It -Page 44



How to Present a Professional Image to Your Buyers -Page 106  



How to Easily Ship Your Puppies to Homes Worldwide -Page 113  


"I Had No Idea How to Get Started Breeding Sam..."
Learn how to breed a male dog "I learned so much from you!  I knew nothing about dogs and I had no idea how to get started breeding Sam, but I wanted a puppy out of him.  Now we both know what we're doing.  I'm so glad I found your information.  It has been invaluable to me."

Michael David
-Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States




Avoid the Common Marketing Blunders Most Breeders Make -Page 16


The Most Efficient Way to Take Care of Your Puppies -Page 72


How to Get De-Wormer for Only Pennies for Each Puppy -Page 75

bullet Home Remedies for Treating Occasional Common Ailments      


This comprehensive course is complete with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, PLUS tons of full color pictures, tons of video links and easy links to referenced items so you know exactly what to do every step of the way. 


If I Teach You How to Get Just One More Puppy In Each Litter,
How Much Is That Worth to You Over Your Lifetime?


"We Can't Believe How Much Valuable Info You Give..."   
My best friend and I went into this together and we are so glad we did!  Everything is going great!  Your program has answered all our questions.  Between the course and the videos, we can't believe how much valuable information you give us.  We sold our first litter for top dollar just like you said.  By the next litter, we both plan to quit our jobs and do this full time.  Thank you so much!
Wendy McClellan
Rochdale, Lancashire  United Kingdom


I take all the guess work out of it!  Even the most experienced breeder can learn many, many tips and tricks from this program to enable them to be more successful as a breeder and to save thousands of dollars a year in the care of their dogs.



How to breed dogs profitably

Pet World Pro
April 2009

Rave Reviews in the Media!
Featured in:
Pet World Pro"
Magazine, Animal Planet,
A&E, Discovery Channel and More!

  How to breed dogs  






There is no big mystery to breeding dogs.  They do just about all of it themselves by nature.  They rarely need help, and they rarely need to go to the vet for anything once you learn the secrets that I'm going to teach you! 


In the 25+ years I have bred dogs, I can count on one hand the number of times I have had to go to the vet for anything, except for health certificates which are only needed to fly them on airplanes.  I have sold many, many puppies to new homes across the country and even across the world. 


The Pet Industry is Always Thriving
 No Matter What the Economy is Like!


People will buy puppies off the internet or email from all over the world.  If you don't think so, write to a couple of the breeders that you find online and ask them how far away they have sold puppies.  This makes it impossible for any recession to affect you.  There are always people who are willing to spend huge amounts of money for a quality puppy.


"I Thought I Didn't Have Time for Your Course, But..."

"Dear Jenny, You give so much information that my first thought was that I didn't have time to go through all of it.  Then I realized you have it organized so well, that I only had to go straight to what pertained to me at the moment.  I'm making my way through it a little at a time as I need it.  I love how thorough you are on every subject.  This really makes learning about Breeding Dogs fun and exciting."

Sylvia Ryann 
-Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia, Canada


Other than health certificates, which the new owner pays for, it is very rare that I have had to go to the vet.  I have never in 25+ years had a dog need a C-section.  I have never gone to the vet for worming or vaccinations (since I learned the secret) and neither will you! 


About the only "overhead" you have is the dog food and I'm going to tell you how to get that for free or even how to make a profit on it too just by recommending it to your puppy buyers.

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The pet industry as a whole is about as recession proof as you can get.  People WANT pure bred puppies and designer dogs.  If they didn't, breeders couldn't charge so much for them.  You're going to have a waiting list for your puppies and people giving you deposits before they are born.


It doesn't matter WHERE you live or what the economy is doing in your country.  People are going to come from all over to buy your puppies.  OR, they will look at pictures on a website or that you email to them and pick one out and have you ship it to them- at their expense of course! 



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Breeding Dogs Information "Dear Jenny, My life has changed so dramatically that I don't know where to begin!  I thought I was retired, but all I can say is my retirement is over.  I love being with my dogs so much, that I can't imagine missing out on how rewarding this is.  I wish I had "retired" a long time ago.   I'm enjoying life more than ever!  I can't thank you enough!"

Jim Wilkinson 
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bullet Dogs Mating Naturally and Unassisted with a Resulting "Tie" to Ensure Pregnancy
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bullet A Puppy Being Born with the Breeder Assisting by Opening the Birth Sac
bullet Video of Adorable and Very Popular Labradoodle Puppies
bullet Detailed Instructional Video on How to Make a Simple Dog Septic Tank
bullet Veterinarian Explaining About the Needless Over-Vaccinating of All Pets
bullet A Demonstration on Exactly How and What to Bottle Feed a Puppy
bullet How to Stimulate a Puppy to Empty Bowels in the Absence of the Mother
bullet How to Dock Puppy Tails with the Simple and Painless Banding Technique
bullet How to Identify Tape Worms so You Will Know Them If You See Them
bullet Veterinarian Doctor Explaining How to Treat an Active Case of Heartworms
bullet Dr. Jim Humphries Explaining "How Hybrid Dog Breeds Got Started"

bullet Video Demonstrating Giving a Dog an Injection Quickly and Painlessly


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It will also record details of all breedings, heat cycles, litters, any medicines any dog takes, general medical history of each dog, vet contact details, immunizations and all health related details.

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These also make great gift baskets for your new puppy buyers and friends.  This will really set you apart from other breeders as people will be so impressed!  You could even sell these gift baskets.  The possibilities are endless! 

Here are just some of the categories of recipes included: 

  • Puppy Party Appetizers
  • Dog Cakes and Pies
  • Pet Super Party Mix
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Breeding Dogs

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Harold Arias Elizondo     -San Jose, California


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