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Breeding Dogs and Selling Puppies Profitably...

About Me

My name is Jennie Moore and for 25 plus years now, I've been the "go to" person in the Breeding Dogs industry that the other dog breeders call when they have a question or a problem.  You could say I'm the "Expert of the Experts" when it comes to Breeding Dogs and care. 

Breeding Dogs Expert

In addition to being an expert dog breeder, my professional Marketing Executive husband has taught me so much over the years, that I couldn't have been so amazingly successful without his incredible genius.  He has been my secret weapon when it comes to selling the puppies for top dollar.


It doesn't do any good to breed great puppies, if you have trouble selling them.  I've always been able to get far more money for my puppies than anyone else and I always have a long waiting list for them. 


But all this started many years ago through a series of unplanned circumstances...

Our family dog, Maggie, was a beautiful purebred that we absolutely loved.  We decided we wanted a puppy out of her, but we had no idea how to go about breeding dogs. 


We tried to do some research about it, but there wasn't much info available.  We talked to some dog breeders we found in the newspaper, but they wouldn't help us at all and were very negative and discouraging. 


One day, I mentioned it to my friend at work.  It turned out that her elderly aunt was a long time dog breeder.  My friend called her aunt right then and set up a time for us to meet with her.  She was the sweetest lady you'd ever want to meet!   She taught us a lot and helped us through the entire Breeding Dogs process from start to finish. 


Before we knew it, Maggie was the proud mother of nine fat, darling puppies!  We thoroughly enjoyed raising those puppies and the whole family got involved. 


We gave one puppy to the owner of the male dog for his "services" as was our agreement.  We fell in love with two of the females and absolutely could not part with them, so they joined our family.


That left us with six puppies which we sold way back then for only $350.00 each.  This was over 25 years ago, and it doesn't seem like much now, but back then, $350.00 was more money than I brought home every two weeks after paying the babysitter.  We thought we were rich! 


Although it was never our intention to breed Maggie to make money, It didn't take me long to figure out that Maggie's puppies brought in what took me three months to earn. 


When the two girls we kept were old enough to breed, it didn't make sense for me to work anymore when I could stay home with my kids and raise puppies.  It was a win/win for all of us, dogs included!  This is how I became involved in breeding dogs "full time". 


My husband got involved in selling the second litter because he was the professional marketing executive and realized all the same principles could be applied to selling puppies.  We ended up selling the next litter for $600.00 each and they actually sold even faster! 


My husband continued over the years always testing and tweaking marketing ideas and methods.  You wouldn't believe some of the crazy things that worked.  We also learned a lot about what doesn't work.  He has become a Marketing GENIUS when it comes to selling puppies!


Thanks to my husband's ingenious marketing techniques and the excellent quality of puppies that our dogs produce, today, our puppies are among the most sought after dogs in the world.  We always have a long waiting list of people anxious to get one of our very expensive pups. 


Today, Our Puppies Are Among the Most
Sought After Dogs in the World and Yours Can Be Too


We made a lot of mistakes along the way that I don't want you to repeat.  There are a lot of people breeding dogs that don't know what they are doing, just like we didn't. 


Even most Veterinarians know very little about breeding dogs, because they don't do it.  They only know what they read in books.  They can only tell you so much. 


You need help from someone who's been breeding dogs day in and day out for many, many years.  Not only that, it has to be someone who's successful at it!  Until now, no one has been willing to help the "newbies" get started. 


I decided to change all that, so I created the most comprehensive, complete course that exists on How to Breed Dogs Successfully AND Profitably and you can get started right now.

   ~ Jenny

Virginia Moore
3105 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Lansing, MI 48901

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